With Auto Scroll, automatically set a speed to move through your script, and never turn pages at Table Reads again!

NOTE: Auto Scroll is a Scriptation Industry Pro feature, available on iPad and Mac. (Coming soon for iPhone.)

To access Auto Scroll, first tap on the Reader icon in the Top Menu.

Then, if you'd like to have any specific Character Name(s) highlighted, tap the Actor Highlight icon and make your selections.

You can also make adjustments to Reader Mode's font and font size, by tapping the aA icon.

Tapping the little A makes the font smaller. Tapping big A makes the font bigger.

Lastly - just check the box for Auto Scroll, and adjust the speed bar as you wish. Moving towards the right makes Scriptation scroll faster, towards the left is slower.

Auto Scroll can be stopped at any time, by simply unchecking the box.

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