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How do I use custom colors with Actor Highlight?

How do I customize colors for Actor Highlight?

Actor Highlight now supports Custom Colors, enabling automatic highlights in any color of your choice!

TIP: Not seeing Custom Colors? Update here.

To get started, tap the Actor icon on the Top Menu.

Next, tap the > icon next to a Character Name to display the color options.

By tapping the Color Wheel, a menu will appear with options to select colors from a grid, a full color wheel, or RGB sliders / HEX code.

TIP: You can also customize each of the Color Preset slots. To learn more, click here!

After making your selections, tap out of the menu. The character toggle will automatically turn on with the color selected!

TIP: Custom colors also work in Reader Mode!

NOTE: Custom color are a temporary selection, and are not assigned to a character name. When deselecting a custom color, or turning a character toggle off, the custom color wheel restores to its neutral state.

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Updated on: 10/02/2022

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