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How do I change the Actor Highlight color presets?

How do I change the Actor Highlight color presets?

Actor Highlight now supports custom color presets, enabling automatic highlights in any color of your choice!

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To get started, tap the Actor icon on the Top Menu.

Next, tap the ... on the top toolbar, and tap Color Presets.

In the Color Preset window, all 17 Presets are displayed with their currently assigned color. By tapping the Color Dot, a menu will appear with options to select custom colors from a grid, a full color wheel, or sliders / HEX code. After making your selections tap out of the window, and the color will be recorded for future use!

Tips for working with Color Presets

Color Presets are universal for all files on a single device.

Color Presets are currently only recorded on the device that they are saved on. To sync Color Presets across devices, copy/paste the HEX code from the right tab of each color preset window into a Text Box on a script page. Then share that file to your other devices.

If changes are made to a color preset while it's on for any particular character, color changes will take affect after toggling the character off / on.

Resetting Presets

Individual Presets:

To reset any individual preset back to default settings, swipe left next to the color dot, and tap Reset.

All Presets:

To reset all presets back to default settings, tap the ... on the top menu, and tap Reset Presets.

Then tap Reset to confirm.

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Updated on: 10/02/2022

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