Having issues with Character Names being recognized? Is Actor Highlighting not working?

First, let's look at the Formatting.

The Actor Highlighting feature uses an algorithm that recognizes a specific style of Character Name formatting.
Below is a screencap of one of Scriptation's sample scripts that show the ideal layout.

Notice that Character Names are indented (not centered), and that the Dialogue is immediately below the Character Name, without any blank line between them.

My script looks like that, why isn't it working? You may have a "flattened" PDF.

A "flattened" PDF is a file where the contents on the PDF are no longer recognizable as individual parts, so the Scriptation algorithm (or any PDF program) isn't going to be able to recognize ANY text in the file.

This often happens with scanned files, and with some third party watermarking programs.

How can I check if my PDF has been flattened?

An easy way to test if your file has been flattened is by trying to use the Highlight function.

If the Highlight function does not recognize any text, then the file unfortunately has been flattened. You may want to ask your production folks if they can distribute their files in a different way, to ensure everyone can go paperless!

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