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An Overview of the Top Menu

Welcome to the Top Menu!

The Top Menu is your main access point to all of Scriptation's features and functions.

TIP: In 4.4.0 and later version, you can now customize the center icons on your Top Menu! Scroll down to see how.

The Top Menu tools are:

File Browser - storage of files and folders, both locally and in the cloud

Layers - create, view, and share separate layers, with groups of your annotations
Actor Highlight - toggle on/off highlights for characters’ lines
Annotate - turns on the Annotation Toolbar
Transfer - initiate a note transfer between documents
Tagging - break down a script and create reports for your team
Reader - display scripts in an enlarged, reader-friendly view
Lining - automatically create tramlines, and export reports

Share - send your marked up scripts via email, text, shared drive, etc
Search - search for keywords within script text or in annotations
Bookmark - earmark pages to access them quickly
Outline - scan through bookmarked pages and annotations in a list
Page Maker - add single blank pages, facing pages, or create sides

Customize Your Top Menu!

Starting with Scriptation version 4.4.0, you can customize the center icons on your Top Menu.

It all starts with tapping or clicking on the + on the right side of the center icon cluster.

This will reveal tools stored in the More Tools section and the +Customize option.  You can tap/click on the tool icons in the More Tools section to open that tool or tap/click +Customize to rearrange icons on the Top Menu and between the Top Menu and More Tools sections.

You can have between one and five icons on the Top Menu; the remaining icons will always be in the More Tools section.  To rearrange tools, tap/click and hold on the three lines next to a tool and drag to the new position.

NOTE: Top Menu customization is device specific and can be fully customized separately on each device.

What's Next?

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Updated on: 10/01/2024

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