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Screen Appearance Modes: Sepia and Night

Learn to customize your interface with the Screen Appearance settings.

Independent from Apple's Dark Mode, Scriptation has three settings to control in-app Screen Appearance.

These options can be adjusted from within Scriptation's Settings Menu.

Default - Keeps the screen bright, and the script background white.
Sepia - Adjusts coloring to a warmer sepia tone.
Night - Adjust the script background to black, while the text becomes white.

TIP: Check out Night Light! Actor Highlight in Night Mode changes the color of the script text itself!

To access Settings, tap the File Browser.

At the bottom of the window, tap Settings.

Then within the Appearance heading, you can select your preference.

TIP: For the ultimate dark experience, pair Scriptation’s Night Mode with Apple’s Dark Mode.

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Updated on: 26/03/2021

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