Creating a hyperlink within your script makes connecting to content a breeze.

With Scriptation, it's easy to create a link to another page within your script, as well as any outside content like a website, cloud file, audio clip, or reference video.

To get started creating a link, select the script text that you'd like to link to. Then on the pop up bar that appears, tap the Link icon.

NOTE for Mac Users: After highlighting the desired text, right click, and select Create Link.

Link to Script Page

In the pop-up window that appears the default option is Link to Page. Within this tab, you can select any page within your script to create a link to.

When you are complete, tap Done.

Link to Outside Content

Within that same pop-up window, there is also a tab to Link to Website.

After selecting that, the keyboard will automatically load. From there you can type (or copy/paste) a link to any website, cloud file, YouTube video, etc.

When are you complete, tap Done.

Creating an Annotation

With your link created, now you just need to create an Annotation so you know that the link is there.

You can you use any type of Annotation! Perhaps a Custom Stamp next to the linked text, or as shown in the example below, a Freeform Highlight around the linked text.

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