Can I use Siri to dictate notes with Scriptation? Yes!

For iOS and Mac users, Apple's Siri can be used to automatically turn your voice into text. Siri can be used with Scriptation's Text Boxes, Sticky Notes, as well as the connected note of any Annotation.

Let's start by using Siri with a Text Box.

On the Annotation Bar, tap the TEXT icon. Then tap a spot in your script where you'd like the text to be.

On the keyboard that automatically appears, tap the MICROPHONE icon.

NOTE for MAC Users: To access the microphone, start with your cursor in the Text Box. Then go to the Application Toolbar on the top of the screen. Click EDIT, then START DICTATION. (Keyboard shortcut: fn fn)

NOTE: If this is your first time using Siri with Scriptation, be sure to provide access to your microphone when prompted.

With Siri now listening, just talk! All of your notes will be transcribed.

From the keyboard bar, it's easy to adjust the Font, Size, Formatting, and Color of your text. (But you can also do that later.)

Whenever you are done - tap DONE.

With your voice now translated to Text, there are options to:
RESIZE or ANGLE using the bounding box
INSPECTOR for font, size, and color changes
EDIT for editing the text
COPY for copying the text
SAVE for making this text a Saved Annotation

This image shows how you can easily resize the Text Box, to avoid the annotation overlapping the script.

Siri also works with Sticky Notes!

And lastly, Siri can also be used with Connected Note of any Annotation.

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