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How can I enable Two Page view?

Utilizing Two Page view is an easy way to read and annotate double the content at once!


To enable on iPad, just turn your device sideways, and Scriptation should automatically adjust!

TIP: You can still pinch and zoom within this configuration to see anything larger.

If your iPad didn't automatically convert to two page mode when turned sideways, Scriptation is set on single page mode. Here's how to adjust:

Tap the File Browser.

At the bottom of the window, tap Settings.

Undet the Page Mode heading, tap Automatic.

TIP: If your iPad still isn't adjusting to Two Page view, please exit the app, restart your device, and re-open the app.


For Mac users, navigate to the Application Bar. Click View, then click Two Pages. (Keyboard shortcut: CMD+2)

TIP: It's not currently possible to drag and drop notes across pages. To move a note, use Copy & Paste.

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Updated on: 16/09/2021

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