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Where are my files stored? (Mac)

Where are files stored in Scriptation for Mac?

With Scriptation for Mac, files and folders are not stored within the app itself, but either on your harddrive or in the cloud service that the files are being opened from.

In other words, through Scriptation you simply gain access to files from wherever they are already stored.

For example:
If the file was opened from Downloads, when you save in Scriptation, the file is still in Downloads.
If the file was opened from Dropbox, when you save in Scriptation, the file is still in Dropbox.

Opening Files

To open files in Scriptation, click Select File.

Then from within the File Finder window, you can navigate to the appropriate folder.

For Cloud users, iCloud will automatically have a folder in Finder, with a dedicated Scriptation sub-folder. For Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive, you will need to download their apps to have them appear on this list.

With your PDF file selected, click Open.

Moving, Copying or Deleting Files

Managing files and folders is also performed on the MacBook itself, within the appropriate harddrive or cloud folder.

IMPORTANT: If you Delete a file from it's saved location, it is also being deleted from Scriptation. Scriptation does not save a duplicate copy within the app.

Recent Files List

Once a file has been opened, it will now appear in the Recent Files List. Remember, files are not being stored in that directory. This is simply a shortcut to access the file.

Clicking Remove removes the file from the Recent Files list. To Delete the file, it will need to be deleted from its saved location.

Pinning Folders

Want to return to a folder again and again? We recommend Pinning your favorite folders. Click Pin Folder to find the folder you want to link to.

Once pinned, that folder will always appear in the File Browser and home screen.

NOTE: Pin Folder is only available on Scriptation for Mac.

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Updated on: 26/03/2021

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