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Favorite Folders on Scriptation for Mac

How to add Favorite Folders on Scriptation for Mac

On Scriptation for Mac, you can create shortcuts to any folder, providing quick access to files stored on your hard drive or in the cloud.

TIP: With Scriptation for Mac, files and folders are not stored within the app. Through Scriptation, you gain access to files from wherever they are already stored.

Creating a Pinned Folder

Pinned Folders can be created from the Home Screen by tapping Pin folder.

TIP: With a file open, Pinned folders can be created by clicking the File Browser and then Pin Folder.

From the Mac File Finder window, navigate to your folder and tap Open. Your selected folder will now be alphabetically listed in the Pinned Folder list!

TIP: The shortcut must be recreated if a Pinned Folder is renamed or deleted.

Cloud Folders

You can even create shortcuts to Cloud providers, just like on iOS.

After clicking Pin Folder, navigate to the appropriate cloud folder, and click Open.

NOTE: iCloud will automatically have a folder in Finder with a dedicated Scriptation sub-folder. It's ONLY this "Scriptation" folder that syncs to iOS devices. You will need to download their apps for Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive.

Deleting a Pinned Folder

To remove the Pin (not the actual folder), tap the File Browser.

After clicking the ... icon next to the Pinned folder, click Remove.

NOTE: To delete a folder and all its file contents, click Select file to access the Mac File Finder window.

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Updated on: 12/12/2022

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