How to select, edit, and delete annotations on Scriptation for Mac

If you've used Scriptation on your iPad or iPhone, you're probably used to tapping notes with your finger or Apple Pencil to make adjustments. On your Mac or MacBook, you can use the Apple Trackpad or mouse to select annotations.

To Move annotations, click once on the note, then click + drag within the page.

By Right Clicking (two finger press on an Apple Trackpad) you have options to:
Change the style of the annotation with the Inspector
Add an attached note to the annotation
Copy/Paste an annotation
Create a Saved Annotation from the note
Remove the annotation

You can also delete annotations by selecting the note and clicking the Delete on the keyboard.

To select multiple notes at once, use the Selection Tool on the Annotation Bar. This tool can be tremendously helpful if you are looking to Group, Merge, Move, Copy/Paste, Delete, or Resize multiple related notes.

NOTE: We are aware of a bug with Scriptation for Mac, where it may take a few tries for the Selection Tool to recognize multiple annotations. Try to deselect, then reselect the Selection Tool, and try again originating your click + drag from a different location on the screen. Update coming soon!

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