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How do I open files in Scriptation for Mac?

Open scripts and production documents in just a few clicks

The easiest way to open files on your Mac or MacBook is to click Select File from Scriptation's home screen. It will open Mac File Finder window where you can select the PDF script or production document you'd like to open.

You can also use Drag + Drop to open documents.

How can I open a PDF by clicking on it instead?

If you'd like to open a file directly from your download, desktop, cloud storage, or any other folder, simply right click the file (or tap with two fingers on the trackpad) and select Open with ... Scriptation.

If Scriptation doesn't appear as an option, you can click Other to select Scriptation from your complete list of Applications.

What if I want to make PDF files open in Scriptation by default?

If you'd like to double-click on a PDF and have it open in Scriptation, that's easy too. Click Other (showns above), choose Scriptation, and then select the Always Open With box. Now all PDF files will automatically open in Scriptation.

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Updated on: 26/02/2021

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