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How to copy and paste annotations?

Once annotations are made, it's easy to utilize copy and paste.

Copying and Pasting annotations is a simple time saving feature, and can be very helpful with:

Duplicating an annotation. (Want to reference it again and again? Consider making it a Saved Annotation.)
Retrieving Deleted Annotations after a Note Transfer.
Moving Annotations from across Layers and Pages.

Start by tapping any Annotation you'd like to Copy.

Then from the pop-up bar, tap Copy. (The bar will then disappear.)

NOTE: Using a Sticky Note and not seeing Copy? Go to the Annotation Outline, and press + hold on your note to copy it.

Next, navigate to the location you'd like to Paste the annotation (it can also be in a different Scriptation file) and press and hold anywhere on the screen.

Another pop-up bar appears. Tap Paste.

Success! Once pasted, you'll be presented with additional options depending on your annotation type.

Inspector for style and formatting adjustments.
Note for adding an Attached Note
Copy for copying the annotation again.
Save for making a Saved Annotation.
Layers for moving or copying the annotation to a different Layer.

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Updated on: 27/09/2022

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