So you've made all of your notes on your script, but there's a new draft. Now what?

To learn more about Scriptation's Note Transfer feature, let's lay out a common scenario. You have an older draft of a script which is marked up with all of your notes. Let's call it the Table Draft. And ding - that was your email alert - you just received a new script, the Shooting Draft, and need to Transfer all of your notes to it.

Let's start by opening the NEW draft in Scriptation.

While in the tab for the NEW draft, tap the Transfer button on the Top Menu.

Select the previous document you want to transfer your notes from. In this case, our "Revisions - Table Draft."

Tap Begin to start the transfer.

NOTE: For Industry Pro users, you may also want to check the box for ScriptationCompare. This feature will compare your two drafts of the script, and generate a scene-by-scene breakdown of all the text that's been added, deleted, and changed!

The transfer will take a couple of seconds and then you will get an overview of any changes between drafts.

After reviewing the transfer overview, you can press OK to see a detailed summary of Changed or Deleted annotations.

And boom. You're done! Now your notes are transferred into the new draft.

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