Meet the Annotation Toolbar

There are a lot of different ways you can mark up scripts in Scriptation so let's start from the top. When you first open Scriptation, this is what your Annotation Toolbar will look like.

However if you press and hold on the tools that have a small carrot next to the icon you can expand the toolbar to access additional tools, like this...

The toolbar will expand/contract depending on your screen size and/or iPad orientation. So, if you ever don't see a tool you need, keep in mind that it might be minimized in one of the carrot icons.

What do all the tools do?

Text-lining Tools

Highlight - Highlight along text.

Underline - Underline along text.

Squiggle - Underline with a squiggle line.

Strikethrough - Cross out text.

Typing Tools

Text - Type your notes with a keyboard.

Sticky Note - Attach small collapsible notes.

Free Draw Ink Tools

Drawing - Free write or draw with ink annotations.

Freeform Highlight - Write or draw with a highlight maker.

Shape Creators

Arrow - Create an arrow.

Line - Create lines.

Circle - Draw the perfect circle.

Square - Box around sections.

Inserting Media

Images - Insert reference photos directly into your document.

Audio - Insert audio clips into your script.


Stamps - Use preset or custom stamps for quick notes that you use a lot.

Saved Annotations - Save annotations that you use repeatedly do you don't have to keep writing them.

Removing Annotations

Eraser - Erase ink annotations.

Selecting Multiple Annotations

Selector - Group selected annotations to merge into one movable shape or delete.

Close out the Toolbar

Close - Tap X to come out of Annotation Mode.

Positioning the Toolbar

Toolbar Reposition - Move the Toolbar to the right or left of the screen.

What's Next?

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