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What is Scriptation?

Scriptation is the Emmy Award winning PDF annotation app for film, TV, and video production that intelligently transfers your annotations, notes, and markups into new script revisions.

Whether you're a filmmaker on a big budget feature or a student on your first production, Scriptation makes it easy to go paperless, increase your productivity, and save hours of time.

Why choose Scriptation over other PDF annotation apps?

Scriptation is designed specifically for film, TV, and video production to solve the dreaded script revision problem. Or, as it's known to Scriptation users, Script Change Hell!

The app was created by TV writer Steve Vitolo (Black-ish, Hot in Cleveland) while he was working on a pilot that was putting out full 50-page script revisions for 2 weeks straight. Each night a PA would make 100+ copies, and each morning everyone on the crew would ditch the previous day's script and rewrite their notes on the new script. Only to do it all over again the next day. Sound familiar?

Scriptation's note transferring technology eliminates the inefficient practice of collating paper script pages and recopying notes that result from script changes, and gives the film and television industry the paperless solution it desperately needs.

Can I keep call sheets, schedules, one liners, and other production documents in Scriptation?

Yes. While Scriptation is optimized to handle scripts and the script revision process, you can store and annotate any PDF document in Scriptation.

Can I access my files on multiple devices?

Yes. On iPhone, iPad and Mac the Industry Pro upgrade enables you to store documents in the cloud!

Can I edit script text in Scriptation?

We don't think writers would like that very much! Scriptation handles PDF documents and is designed for annotation. However, if you really want to "edit" text, director Michael Spiller has a great tip on how you can do that!

How can I get Scriptation?

Scriptation is available for your iPad, iPhone and Mac on the App Store for FREE.

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Updated on: 22/09/2022

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