Designed for film and tv professionals, Scriptation Industry Pro is an upgrade that offers advanced features to optimize the way you work.

Take control of your production workflow with Scriptation Industry Pro, the upgraded suite of tools designed specifically for industry professionals. Industry Pro empowers you to work more efficiently with advanced features, organizational tools, and collaboration capabilities. With script superpowers like these, you'll be the envy of everyone on set.

Industry Pro is currently only available for Apple users, and while free vs. paid features vary slightly by device (more details below), the great news is, one subscription can be activated across all your devices: iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

When you make the jump to Industry Pro, here is what you get across all of your Apple devices!

Cloud Sync
Page Maker
Sides Creator
Layer Upgrades: Show/Hide & Shareable Layers (Free for ALL users for a limited time!)
Note Transfer with ScriptationCompare
Actor Highlighting
Reader Mode Upgrades: Highlighting & Auto-Scroll
Saved Annotations

TIP: Already a Scriptation user? To upgrade, tap any icon with a PRO label. (i.e. Cloud Storage in the File Browser)

Let's dive into each feature!

Cloud Sync
When you're working, you want to know that all of your notes are secure, backed up, and easily accessible wherever you are. Cloud Sync is an Industry Pro feature for iOS users (free for Mac), which allows you to backup and access your work across multiple devices with the cloud service of your choice, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and iCloud.

Page Maker
Unlock the full potential of digital script notes with the Scriptation Page Maker. The Page Maker enables you to add Facing Pages, insert full page set plans or reference photos, copy/paste pages between documents, and a whole lot more.

Sides Creator
You can even create digital script sides with Industry Pro. Maybe you need to organize scenes in shooting order or perhaps you want to break out a few specific pages to send notes to someone. Select the pages you need and separate them into a different PDF document with the Sides Tool.

Layer Upgrades: Show/Hide Layers & Shareable Layers
Want to separate notes based on meetings? Or share your thoughts with your department? Have notes you want to keep personal? You can do it all in Scriptation Layers, a feature only available in Scriptation. Layers allow you to keep multiple sets of notes on a single PDF script

With Industry Pro, you can Show/Hide Layers just like in Photoshop, as well as Export Individual Layers to share with other users as a Scriptation Layer File (.slf). Shareable Layers allows you to send and receive notes with other Scriptation users, all while working from a single PDF. There’s no need to juggle between two or three PDFs of the same script. Instead, you can toggle back and forth between each others’ notes, or view multiple users’ notes at the same time on one PDF script.

BONUS: For a limited time, Scriptation is offering Shareable Layers free for everyone!

Scriptation's Note Transfer feature is a total gamechanger, as Scriptation intelligently transfers annotations into new script revisions in seconds with the tap of a button. No more collating pages. No more recopying notes.

But one note we got from users was that they still needed to look over both script drafts to figure out what changed.

So, we developed ScriptationCompare exclusively for Industry Pro. ScriptationCompare compares two drafts of a script and generates a scene-by-scene breakdown of all the text that's been added, deleted, and changed. No more guess work. No hassle of flipping through two different documents.

On macOS, Note Transfer is also an Industry Pro feature.

Actor Highlighting
For Mac users, Actor Highlighting is an Industry Pro feature. (Free on iOS.) Instantly highlight all of a characters' lines or highlight multiple characters' lines in a myriad of customizable colors.

Reader Mode Upgrades: Highlighting & Auto-Scroll
Scriptation's Reader Mode is an optimized way to read scripts on a mobile device or tablet without pinching and zooming. Industry Pro users can also access Actor Highlighting within Reader Mode, as well as Auto-Scroll functionality on iPad and Mac (coming soon for iPhone), which is perfect for table reads.

Saved Annotations
Scriptation's Saved Annotations is a powerful Industry Pro feature for saving custom stamps, drawings, markings, shapes, text notes, and images/photos for easy use throughout your script.

No Ads!
Enjoy Scriptation completely ad-free. The Industry Pro upgrade removes ads and sponsored content from all menu screens and note transfer windows.

And there's a whole lot more coming!

For a limited time, Scriptation is offering a FREE 14-day trial of Pro features. Try it today!

Upgrade today in the App Store!

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