My iCloud isn't working correctly. Help!

Do you have an iCloud file on one device, but it's not showing up on another? Or an iCloud file that has all of your Annotations and Layers showing on one device, but only some of them on another?

Even on Apple's own devices... iCloud can be extremely troublesome. Here's a few things you can do to troubleshoot.

If at all possible, use Dropbox. We have found it to be significantly more reliable in syncing files across devices. Dropbox is built with version controlled sharing, which creates a new restorable file after each save instance. iCloud does not offer this back-up. Additionally, Dropbox is built with a upload and sync system better suited for a production environment where you might be moving in and out of WiFi zones.

If sticking with iCloud is necessary, ensure that all devices are logged in with the same Apple ID. From your device's home screen, tap Apple Settings, then Your Name to adjust which Apple ID is logged in.

TIP: Scriptation creates a dedicated sub-folder within the main iCloud folder, titled "Scriptation." On iPad and iPhone tapping the iCloud icon from within the File Browser automatically opens that sub-folder. On macOS however file storage works a little differently. After clicking iCloud, you need to further click into the subfolder.

Try to turn off / turn on all of your iCloud devices. This resets the iCloud connections, and has a good chance of resolving the temporary sync issue.

WARNING: SEE BELOW. As a last resort, you can delete the app on the device that isn't syncing, and reinstall from the App Store.

WARNING: Deleting the App on iPad and iPhone will delete ALL locally stored files! Be sure to Move or Copy all files to Cloud, or Share the Local Files with yourself before deleting.

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