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How do I access my Recent Files?

How do I access my Recent Files?

When you open Scriptation, the Recent Files home page is your first destination.

This window provides a collection of shortcuts to all of your most recent documents that were accessed on that device. It even recognizes if files get deleted or renamed, and syncs to the newest version of cloud files.

NOTE: Recent Files only displays files accessed from that device. For example, if a file was opened on an iPad, it will not appear as a Recent File on iPhone or Mac. Access the file directly from the cloud folder.

To open a file, tap the preview image.

To clear the list of Recent Files, tap Clear.

NOTE: Tapping Clear does not delete files. It only removes the shortcut.

Once a document is opened, your 20 most recent files are accessible from the File Browser.

To expand or compress the list, tap the caret.

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Updated on: 30/08/2021

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