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How do I create, rename, and delete folders?

How to organize your scripts, call sheets, schedules, and production documents into folders.

To get started with Folders on your iPad or iPhone, start by tapping the File Browser on the Top Menu.

Mac Users: To learn more about folders on your Mac, click here.

Creating a New Folder

Tap the ... icon along the top of the window, and then tap New Folder.

TIP: Industry Pro users who have connected cloud accounts, will be able to manage folders within those cloud accounts. Navigate to the intended location first before pressing ....

Type your desired folder name and press Save.

And now you have a new folder created to organize your documents!

Editing Folders

By tapping the ... next to any folder, you'll be presented with additional options to Rename, Delete, Move or Copy.

NOTE: On iPad and iPhones, Move is limited to single files. To relocate multiple files and folders use Copy.

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Updated on: 20/02/2021

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