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Making Scriptation an iOS "Favorite" App

Assigning Scriptation as an iOS "Favorite" App makes importing files a breeze.

To quickly open email attachments, having Scriptation automatically load at the top of your app list really saves times. This is simple to do by designating Scriptation as a "Favorite" app. Here's how to do it.

Open any PDF file and tap the Share icon at the top right.

Swipe to the far right within the app list, and then tap More.

Then from within your complete App list, tap Edit.

Then tap the + icon next to Scriptation. (You may have to scroll down within your app list to find Scriptation.)

Now, Scriptation will appear towards the front of your app list. To confirm, tap Done!

TIP: If you would like to re-order the Favorite apps, press and hold an apps' three-lined icon.

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Updated on: 15/02/2021

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