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How do I use Favorite Folders?

How do I use Favorite Folders?

When using Scriptation on iPad or iPhone, it's easy to create shortcuts to any folder, providing quick access to files stored on your device or in the cloud.

TIP: Using a Mac? Learn more about Mac Favorite Folders.

Creating a Favorite Folder

To get started creating a Favorite Folder, tap the File Browser on the Top Menu.

Next, tap the ... next to the folder you would like to favorite. Then tap Add to Favorites.

You will now see that the folder icon has changed, and contains a star!

Once favorited, the folder will now appear at the top of the File Browser, and if working on iPad, your Home Screen.

Tips for using Favorite Folders

Order: Favorite Folders are listed in the order that they are favorited. Most recent Favorite Folders appear on top.

Rename: If a Favorite Folder is moved or renamed in its' main directory, the shortcut will need to be recreated.

Multiple Devices: Favorite Folder shortcuts are specific to each device. (For example, if folders are favorited on your iPad, they will also need to be favorited on your iPhone.)

Removing a Favorite Folder

To remove a Favorite Folder, tap the ... next to the favorite, and tap Remove.

NOTE: Removing a Favorite folder does not delete the folder. To delete a folder and all of it's file contents, navigate to it's main directory. Then tap ..., and then Delete.

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Updated on: 09/01/2024

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