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How to Share Layers with Export

Start collaborating with your team and share layers!

Layers has become one of our most popular features, allowing users to organize their annotations, including highlights, photos, and written notes, into separate displays that can be toggled on and off.

With Shareable Layers, users can now export their annotations and share with other Scriptation users as a Scriptation Layer File (.slf), who can then import that layer file into their own PDF script.

NOTE: Shareable Layers is an Industry Pro feature. However, any Scriptation user can receive and import a .slf file.

To begin, tap the Layers icon to display the Layers menu.

Tap the ... next to the layer you'd like to share, and tap Export as SLF.

Now select your method of sharing or exporting your .slf file. You can export your Layer file via Mail, Gmail, AirDrop, as well as many other messaging apps that can have file attachments.

NOTE: When a Layer is exported, only annotations on Native script pages are shared. Annotations on Added Pages, Facing Pages, or Copied/Pasted Pages are not. This restriction allows for the successful sharing of Layers between teams working on the same script, as added pages are personalized to each individual user. Want to share ALL of your notes? Share the file instead.

TIP: Scriptation Team and Team Studio users: Check out Live Layers!

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Updated on: 23/06/2023

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