Whether you want to send notes to your team or just email them to yourself, Scriptation has options.

Press the Share icon on the Top Toolbar to open a menu of sharing options.

From this drop down, you can make selections about specific pages, or even adjust how the Annotations are shared.

TIP: For maximum flexibility with your file, we recommend sharing with the default setting of "Embed Annotations." However, if you are looking to export your file with only specific layers visible, we recommend following the instructions here.

After you have made your selections, tap Share.

You'll now be presented with options to Airdrop, Message, Email, or Save your file anywhere you'd like!

Want to share multiple files at a time?

The best way to share multiple files is by syncing to cloud storage.

By connecting to cloud, you can invite your collaborators to access as many files or folders as you'd like.

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