Moving or copying files On My Ipad to the Cloud

If you're an iPad Scriptation user, it's best to save your files to the cloud so you can work between your iPad/iPhone and Mac.

First, make sure you're upgraded to Scriptation Industry Pro, and already have a cloud service linked to Scriptation.

Then, to start moving or copying your files, click the FILE BROWSER icon on the top left.

At the bottom of the menu is "On My Ipad." Select the ... next to the local file you'd like to move or copy to the cloud.

NOTE: Don't see Rename, Move or Copy? Learn more about File Storage on Scriptation for Mac.

After clicking MOVE or COPY, you'll have access to your cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and iCloud.
Once you navigate to the intended location of your file, click SELECT.

Now you'll be able to access the file from your Mac!

TIP: To move multiple files and folders at the same time, use the COPY function.

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