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How do I split or rejoin lines?

How do I Split and Rejoin lines?

Using the lining toolkit's Split and Rejoin feature, you can create extremely accurate coverage notes within any dialogue or action.

Split Dialogue

After generating your lines, select the part of the line that you would like to edit. Then tap Split.

From within the Split window, tap to place, and then adjust the horizontal line within the text, to assign where the split should occur. Then select a line style for both halves, and tap Split.

The text has now been split based on the placement, and selected line styles. These parts can now be controlled individually, and even split again if required.

Split Action

If a scene does not contain any dialogue, lines will be created as one segment. Use the split tool to create individual segments as required.


To undo a split, and rejoin the individual parts, tap either part of the text, and select Rejoin.

TIP: The line style of the segment where rejoin is tapped will become the style for the rejoined line.

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Updated on: 27/12/2021

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