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How do I insert fillable forms and reports?

How do I insert fillable forms and report templates into my script?

Scriptation now supports fillable forms!

You can now type directly into properly formatted text fields, instead of having to annotate on top of the document.

Follow the instructions for Adding Facing Pages to easily insert your custom form into your script. You can also utilize any of the forms available for download in our Library.

Keep in mind, all form fields are displayed in blue. When you tap a field to enter data, it becomes yellow.

NOTE: Form Field data exists separately from Layers and is viewable and editable from within any Layer.

Two-Page View

To take notes on both your script and form simultaneously, turn on Two-Page View.

TIP: Looking to have your form to the right of your script page? Click here.


You can even use Scribble to handwrite your notes directly into the form field...

... and have it automatically convert to text.

NOTE: The form fields and style within a form (i.e. font size and alignment) can not be changed within Scriptation.

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Updated on: 16/12/2021

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