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How do I generate multi scene lining?

How do I generate multi-scene tramlines?


You can automatically generate tramlines for consecutive and non-consecutive scenes using the Lining toolkit's multi-scene feature.
Here's how to get started.
With your script open, tap Lining on the Top Toolbar.

Within the Lining window, tap the ... for additional options, and tap Multi.

Then check the boxes for the scenes you want to generate tramlines and tap OK.

NOTE: Scenes not being recognized? Learn more about document formatting, and flattened PDFs.
Within the Multiple Scenes generator, you can enter your slate name, number of cameras, line colors, and characters per camera. Toggle on characters to generate straight lines. Keep toggles off for squiggle lines. When you've made your selections, tap Generate.

In this example, the tramlines have been generated for a continuous take through non-consecutive selected scenes. You can see that the tramlines at the end of Scene 1 continue with an outgoing arrow and relate to the incoming arrow at the top of Scene 3.

NOTE: You can only edit the slate to begin and end in the original scenes selected.  Recreate the coverage lining to move the start or end of the line to a different scene.
To learn more about how to edit your lining notes during the shoot, click here.

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Updated on: 29/04/2024

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