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How do I use Lining tools?

How do I use the Script Lining toolkit?

Scriptation's Lining toolkit allows for script supervisors to easily track coverage, and manage slates. Powered by intelligent scene heading and character name recognition, Lining tools help keep you organized on set, and save hours of time with instantly generated tramlines. You’ll never need a ruler or eraser again.

NOTE: Lining Tools is an Industry Pro feature.

NOTE: If you are using Scriptation 4.4.0 or later, learn how to customize your Top Menu to show the Lining tool.

Here's how to get started...

With your script open, tap Lining on the Top Toolbar.

Within the lining window, scene numbers and scene names are automatically populated.

NOTE: Scenes not being recognized? Learn more about document formatting, and flattened PDFs.

After selecting a scene, you are presented with a variety of options to generate tramlines. From here, you can edit:

Slate: Tap into the text field to edit the name or number.
Cameras: Tap the + icon to add up to 26 cameras!
Color: Tap the colored circle to adjust the setting for each camera's lines.
Characters: Toggle on characters to generate straight lines. Keep toggles off for squiggle lines.

Keep in mind, all of these preferences can be adjusted later. When you've made your initial selections, tap Generate.

TIP: Scriptation also supports Multi-Scene lining.

TIP: Looking to adjust the slate format? Click here.

After tapping Generate, your tramlines will appear. To learn how to make edits while on set, scroll down.

Adjusting Your Lining

After your slate and tramlines have been generated, tapping individual sections (right-click on Mac) allows you to make edits.

By tapping a tramline, you make the following edits:

Line Type: Straight, Squiggle, Dirty
Split / Rejoin: Opens the Split window
Start: Moves the entire slate to begin at the selected point
End Cam: Ends the selected camera at the selected point
End All: Ends all cameras at the selected point
Delete Cam: Removes the selected camera from the existing slate
Cam Color: Allows a change of color for the selected camera

By tapping a slate, you can:
Rename: Changes name or number of slate. (Font size adjusts to fit.)
Duplicate: Makes an editable copy of the selected slate.
Delete: Deletes the slate, and all cameras.
Lock / Unlock: Locks or Unlocks a slate, to enable editing.

NOTE: Every time a new slate is Generated, all prior slates Lock.

Lining Layers

The first time you tap Generate, you are automatically moved into a new layer called Lining, allowing all of your tramlines, and corresponding notes, to exist in their own dedicated space.

To view other layers of notes alongside your Lining Notes, toggle on those other layers.

If you generate more slates than there is room on the page, additional layers will be automatically created called Lining 2, etc.

NOTE: Lining layers can not be renamed or merged. To learn more about exporting a complete lining PDF (i.e. to an editor) click here.

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Updated on: 19/06/2023

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