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How do I merge layers into Lining?

Learn to merge layers of notes into Lining

When generating tramlines using the Lining toolkit, all of your lines are created in a new layer called Lining. Once lines are generated, you are automatically shifted into this layer.

However, if you have notes in other Layers, they can easily be merged into your Lining layers.

Tap the ... next to your Lining layer, and tap Merge into Lining.

Next, tap the checkboxes all of the layers you'd like to merge into that specific Lining layer. Then tap Merge.

TIP for Mac users: Press and hold the command key to select multiple checkboxes.

On the prompt that appears, confirm by tapping Merge.

NOTE: Merging notes into Lining layers can not be undone.

All of your notes have now been merged into Lining! Keep in mind, a new default layer will automatically be created. This default layer is necessary for a variety of Scriptation functions, but you don't need to take any notes in that layer.

TIP: If you have layers that you'd like to merge into multiple Lining Layers (Lining, Lining 2, Lining 3, etc.) first make a copy of your layer by doing Layer Export, then Layer Import, before merging each copy of that layer into a separate Lining layer.

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Updated on: 22/02/2022

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