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How do I turn off the Live Layers Name Header?

How do I turn off the Layer Name Header when viewing Live Layers?

NOTE: Live Layers is an exclusive feature of Scriptation Team and Team Studio.

When you receive a collaborator's notes using Live Layers, a small text-box is automatically created at the top of each page with the Layer Name, only visible when viewing that shared layer of notes.

Here's how to turn it off!

NOTE: This feature was added in Scriptation version 4.2.0+. To update, click here.

Tap the Layers icon on the Top Toolbar.

Tap the ... on top, then select Settings.

Under the Live Layers heading, toggle off Received Name Header.

NOTE: Toggling off "Received Name Header" will turn off the header upon the next sync of the layer, and for all future layers. To remove the header from any current layers, keep reading to learn how to delete and resync your layers.

Delete & Re-Sync Existing Layers

Tap the ... next to the Received Layer, and tap Delete.

NOTE: Can't tap Delete? Make sure you are active in a layer that is not the one you are trying to delete.

To confirm, tap Delete.

Then, at the bottom of the Layers window, tap the Sync icon.

When prompted, tap Yes to sync the Layer. You'll see the header is gone! =)

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Updated on: 10/01/2023

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