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Why isn't Live Layers working?

Live Layers isn't syncing. How can I fix it?

NOTE: Live Layers is an exclusive feature of Scriptation Team and Team Studio.

Perhaps you have two devices that aren't talking to each other, or you are sharing a Live Layer and no one is receiving it.

Here's a few steps to troubleshoot your Live Layers connection.

Team License Key

Live Layers works with devices that are activated within the same Team or Team Studio license key. To reset your Team activation, follow these instructions to Logout, then Login again.

Cloud Conflict

If Team members are sharing access to a cloud folder, each user should have their own separate PDF copy of the script file.

Having each user annotate separate PDFs avoids the "conflicted copy" (and Live Layers connectivity block) that will occur if multiple devices are syncing back to the cloud with different versions of the exact same PDF file.

After importing a new isolated copy of the script, reactivate Live Layers.

Live Layers Group

Within each Team license key, users can create an unlimited number of Live Layer Groups. However, when a user Selects a group to Join, their device will only sync to the other devices that are also within that group.

In the example below, the device would sync to the Writers group only.

NOTE: Some Live Layers Groups are password protected. For password credentials, ask the creator of that Layer Group. If no one knows the password, a New Layer Group will need to be created.

Still having issues?

If you are still experiencing sync issues, it's best to reset Live Layers, create a new Group. Here's how to do it.

Device 1: Toggle off, then toggle on Live Layers, and create a New Layer Group.

Device 2: Toggle off, then toggle on Live Layers, and tap to Join the Layer Group that Device 1 just created.

Device 1: Share a new layer by tapping ..., and tapping Share. (The layer should be received by Device 2.)

Device 2: Share a new layer. (It should be received by Device 1.)

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Updated on: 10/01/2023

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