Why are there other files in my Live Layers list?

NOTE: Live Layers is a Scriptation Team & Team Studio feature.

When turning on Live Layers, sometimes you see other unrelated files when tapping Show More.

This is because when Scriptation processes your script for Live Layers, it analyzes two things. Page Count and File Name.

If Page Count and File Name are a perfect match with another Live Layers file within your team, existing Layers Groups appear at the top of the list, highlighted in green.

Many times though, script files have the exact same Page Count, but similar File Names.

If Page Count matches, but the File Name is different, existing Layers Groups appear in the Show More section. Sometimes, these may be for totally unrelated files, but exist on the list because the Page Count matches.

If at any time you want to start a new Layer Group, just tap New and create the group. The next person that opens that exact same document with Live Layers will see your newly created Layer Group on the top of their list, highlighted in green.

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