Scriptation Team allows your entire production to go paperless!

With the Industry Pro subscription designed for individual users in the App Store, Scriptation Team allows entire productions to save by buying direct.

With Scriptation Team you get:

All Advanced Features of Industry Pro: Including Cloud Storage, Page Maker, Sides Creator, Pro Layers, and much more.
Group Licensing: Save big with monthly packages of 20, 40, or 80 activations. Need more? Email
Priority Support: Live chat + same day email support during business hours.

For productions requiring enhanced security options and/or Box access, check out Scriptation Team Studio.

Is it easy to get started with Scriptation Team?

Yes! Onboarding your team is a breeze, because only the purchaser is required to create an account. The rest of the team only has to enter a license key to activate their app. No additional info is required.

What devices can I use Team on?

Team is currently available on iOS (iPad / iPhone) and macOS (running Catalina or later.) Team Studio is not yet available (but coming soon) for macOS. Team and Team Studio not available on Windows.

Where is the data stored?

Scriptation is not a web service and therefore does not store data on our servers. Additionally, we do not have access to script data, nor do we sell any user information to 3rd parties. All data located inside the Scriptation app is either local to your device or secured through cloud providers.

Want to try it?

For a limited time, Scriptation is offering a FREE 14-day trial of Pro / Team features. Try it today!

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