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Uses and Tips for Live Layers

Uses and Tips for working with Live Layers

Live Layers is a powerful new feature which allows Team and Team Studio users to instantly share layers within their team.

How would I use Live Layers?

Check out our top 5 uses!

On Set: You are the 1st AD. You just received an important change, and you need to alert the rest of the team. You quickly annotate in your script, tap Share - and boom - your group got a notification, and the update.

Pre-Production: You are the Director. You have some updates to location needs. You make the notes in your Locations Layer - and tap Share. Everyone within your Layer Group now has the change.

Broadway: You are the Production Stage Manager in Tech. From the Tech Table, you make notes on your Master Cue Sheet. You tap Share - and instantly the rest of the Stage Management team has the updated notes.

Live Events: You are running the Talent Flow team. You have a slew of big changes to Talent entrance locations. You make notes in your Talent Layer, and tap Share. Instantly the rest of the Talent team has the updates.

Table Reads: You are the writer at a Table Read. You write some line changes in your Owned layer, which all the Actors are Recipients of. You tap Share - and immediately everyone has the new dialogue.

Tips for working with Live Layers

Live Layers syncs annotations on Native script pages only (original script pages in their imported order). Annotations on Facing Pages, Added Pages, or Copied/Pasted pages are not shared within your Layer Group. To share those notes, Export Your Script.

Anytime you receive a new draft, or change the official file name, your Layer Group needs to be reestablished.

Live Layers can not be merged.

If you miss a Live Layers notification (or hit No on the notification window) tap the Refresh icon on the bottom of the Layer menu to get back on track.

Received Layers are view-only. When viewing a Received Layer, the top of the page is marked in a grey box with the name of the Layer.

TIP: Want to edit a Received Layer? Tap the ... next to the received layer, and tap Make Editable Copy.

It's always up to the user to make sure they join the correct Layer Group. Everyone on your team who has enabled Live Layers has access to view the names of all Live Layer Groups, and join any open Layer Groups. Locked Layer Groups need a password to access.

When opening a file for the first time, and turning on Live Layers, sometimes you see other unrelated group names when tapping Show More. This is because when Scriptation processes your script for Live Layers, it analyzes two things - Page Count and File Name. To learn more about this, click here.

NOTE: Live Layers is not available on Industry Pro subscriptions. The technology powering this feature requires that all team members are activated within the same license key. To learn more, click here.

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Updated on: 08/02/2023

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