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I just purchased Scriptation Team. Now what?

Congrats on your purchase of Scriptation Team. Here's what to do next.

As the purchaser, you will have received 2 automated emails.

Purchase Receipt: Containing all of your order details.

Your Username and Password: Containing initial login credentials to access your account.

Now What?

Share the License Details with Your Team

From your Purchase Receipt email, share the License Type and License Key with your Team Members.

You may also want to share the following links:
App Store: Scriptation
How to Activate a Team license or How to Activate a Team Studio license
What if I already have a personal subscription?

NOTE: Team Activations are counted by individual device. If one user activates their iPad, iPhone, and Mac, that counts as 3 activations. Need more licenses? Upgrade here.

Manage Your Account

Using the Username and Password emailed to you, log in to your account.

From the My Account page, you can see your subscription details, as well as manage all aspects of your account.

To access your License Type and License Key, tap View Details & Downloads.

Towards the bottom of the My Account page, you can change your username / password, add additional administrators, edit your billing address, and a whole lot more.

What's Next

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Updated on: 05/01/2021

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