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Why is the Share button missing?

I can't find the Share button. Why is it missing?

On iOS and iPadOS, the Share icon on the Top Menu is purposely hidden when logged in with a Scriptation Team Studio license. This is one of the security features of Team Studio, and ensures that files are stored and transmitted securely using AES256 encryption.

To share your annotations with other team members on your same production, you can do that with Shareable Layers, or Live Layers.

However, if you still require Share access, have your Team Administrator be in touch with Scriptation Support to request a unique Team Admin code.

While in Team Admin mode, documents are still stored with encryption, but sharing is re-enabled, and users can share layers unencrypted with team members outside of their production.

NOTE: Only Team Administrators (original purchasers, or those authorized by them) can request a Team Admin code.

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Updated on: 05/02/2021

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