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How do I activate a Team Studio license?

I've got a Team Studio License! How do I activate it across my devices?

If you have a Scriptation Team Studio license, the purchaser will have a receipt email that includes your License Key.

NOTE: Team Studio is for productions that require enhanced security and/or BOX access.

Start by tapping the File Browser.

At the bottom of the window, tap Settings.

Then under the Industry Pro heading, tap Team.

On the pop-up window that appears, select Team Studio.

Input your License Key, as written in the receipt email. Tap Ok.

NOTE: This field is case sensitive.

Scriptation will then validate your license.

With Studio Mode activated, you'll now be prompted to restart the app. Tap Close app.

Re-open the app by clicking the Scriptation icon on your device.

Once the app has restarted, tap Start now.

Ta-da! Studio Mode is enabled!

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Updated on: 05/11/2021

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