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I'm a beta tester. How do I submit feedback?

I'm a Scriptation beta tester. How do I submit feedback?

Thank you so much for being a Scriptation beta tester. Your comments and expertise are what allows us to continuously develop and improve the app.

If you have feedback on a beta, there's three different ways to submit it using Apple's TestFlight system.

General Comments

For general comments and suggestions, tap the Send Beta Feedback button on the main Scriptation TestfFlight page. This will create an email using the native Mail app.

In-App Feedback

It's also possible to submit feedback using specific screenshots. After taking a screenshot of Scriptation, tap Share, then Share Beta Feedback.

From this screen, feel free to describe the issue or concern in as much detail as possible. Then tap Submit.

Crash Reporting

If you experience a crash, you will receive the following pop-up message. Tap Share.

From the crash feedback screen, enter as much detail as possible about what actions you were taking, what features were being used, and if applicable, the storage location of your file. This information is extremely valuable in helping us pinpoint specific issues.

When you are ready, tap Submit.

Thanks again for being a beta tester!

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Updated on: 19/07/2021

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