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How can I edit script text or dialogue?

Can I edit script text in Scriptation?

Well... Not really. We don't think writers would like that very much!

However, if you want to "edit" script text, this article details a workaround for creating a Text Box with an opaque white background - in the same font as your existing script - and dragging the new line on top of the old line.

Here's how to do it:

Let's say we'd like to edit the line circled in blue, "What happened to the old pages?

Tap the Text icon on the Annotation Toolbar.

Tap a spot in your script where you'd like the new text to be.

The keyboard will automatically load on mobile devices. Then type in the new line. (You can also use Siri, or Scribble.)

Let's say our new line is "I know what happens to those pages."

From the keyboard bar, it's easy to adjust the Font, Size, Formatting, Color of your text, and Fill Color of your text box to match your existing script.

TIP: The Fill Color is what sets the background of the text box. If you'd like to hide the fact that you edited a line, select a background color which matches your script page color.

When you are all set, tap Done.

With your "new line" in the text box, tap and drag to bring it over, and lay the new line right on top of the old line.

TIP: You may want to make the Text Box have a very light Fill Color - just so you remember that your new line is an edited line.

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Updated on: 19/07/2021

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