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How does Scriptation handle watermarks?

My script has a watermark. Will Scriptation still work?

Absolutely! Scriptation is optimized to handle scripts and the script revision process, so things will still run smoothly with any properly created watermark.

Tips for successful watermarks:

Watermarks should be a Vector image, not Text.

The watermarked PDF must be exported as Non-Flattened.

Commonly used software like Final Draft and Adobe, or document distribution services like DAX, Doczilla, SetKeeper, and many others, all create watermarks that ensures the full functionality of Scriptation.

Some other programs though occassionally throw a wrench in the mix, and create a Text watermark, and/or Flatten the document. Most of the time Scriptation can filter out the Text with our algorithm, but sometimes it's impossible.

If the file is Flattened... There is unfortunately nothing we (or any PDF program) can do to undo the flattening process. You'll need the file creator to export a Non-Flattened copy and reshare with the team - as usability issues would be happening to anyone on your production using Scriptation, or any other software.

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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