Scriptation is optimized for industry standard formatting. What does that mean?

Scriptation was originally built for TV and Film, and is optimized to read standard single-cam and multi-cam script formats.

While you can open and annotate ANY PDF file in Scriptation, with other script formats (i.e. Broadway Musical, Play), or documents like musical scores, schedules, ROS, and contact sheets, some features like Actor Highlight may not work as reliably.

Want to create a script from scratch that's optimized for Scriptation? Here's how.

These guidelines are taken from Final Draft's "Untitled One-Hour TV Drama" template.

Text Margins: Left: 1.5", Right: 7.5", Top: 1.0", Bottom: 1.0"
Header/Footer Margins: 0.5"
Page Number: Top right of Header, Right Indent: 7.25", Period after the number
Font: Courier
Font Size: 12
Leading (vertical line spacing): Normal

Single-Camera Sample Script

Multi-Camera Sample Script

Musical / Play

What about Lyrics, or Dual Dialogue?

At the moment, Scriptation isn't likely to recognize Lyrics or Dual Dialogue for Actor Highlighting or Reader Mode. However, we are currently working to expand the text recognition algorithm. Stay tuned for app updates.

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