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How do I use the Text Marking tools? (Highlight, Underline, Squiggle and Strikethrough)

Let's learn how to use Highlight, Underline, Squiggle, and Strikethrough.

There are 4 text marking tools on the Annotation Bar.

Each tool is designed to work in straight lines and corresponds to script text. Let's take a look at each one.

NOTE: Underline and Squiggle often share the same icon box. If you press + hold on the small caret next to one icon, you can expand the toolbar to access the other tool.


After tapping the Highlight icon, simply Tap + Drag along your text to highlight.

You can use the Style Palette to change the style and color of your Highlight.

TIP: This tool is the preferred method of highlighting, as opposed to highlighting with the Marker, because it greatly improves accuracy during Note Transfer


After tapping the Underline icon, simply Tap + Drag along your text to underline. Customize by tapping the Style Palette.


The Wavy Underline tool is for creating squiggle lines under text.

After tapping the Squiggle icon, simply Tap + Drag along your text to make a wavy underline. Customize by tapping the Style Palette.


After tapping the Strikethrough icon, simply Tap + Drag along your text to strikethrough. Customize by tapping the Style Palette.

Erasing / Deleting

To remove Text-Marking annotations, tap the annotation (be sure to not have any tools selected) and tap the Trash icon.

On Mac, click the annotation and use the Delete key, or right-click (two finger press) on the annotation to select Remove.

NOTE: Only free drawn annotations (Drawing and Freeform Highlight) can be erased using the eraser tool.

HELP! My tools are not recognizing the text in my script!

You likely have a "flattened" PDF.

A flattened PDF is a file where the contents of the PDF are no longer recognizable as individual parts, so the Scriptation algorithm (or any PDF program) isn't going to be able to recognize ANY text in the file.

This often happens with scanned files, and with some third party watermarking programs. If this is the case, you may want to ask your production folks if they can distribute their files in a different way, to ensure everyone can go paperless!

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Updated on: 05/10/2022

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