There are two ways to highlight text, but each has a slightly different effect.

The Hightlight tool is the top icon on your Annotation Toolbar and has the below Style Palette options.

The Highlighter is a text-lining tool that perfectly follows lines of text.

To get edit these annotations, tap the hightlight for options, including the Delete trash can.
NOTE: You will not be able to use the Eraser tool on Highlight annotations.

The Marker can sometimes be hidden with the Pen tool (as seen below). Tap and hold a tool with an arrow in the botton left corner of the icon to display additional options.

Once selected, customize the Ink to your preferred style.

Text marked up with the Marker will not follow text perfectly like the Highlight tool. The Marker is a free draw tool and behaves like a pen.

While you can tap to delete Marker highlights, you can also use the Eraser to delete parts of the annotation just like a pencil and eraser.

Both tools will get the get job done, but you might have a preference of style.
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