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How do I deactivate a Team Studio license?

How do I deactivate my Team Studio license?

Team Studio licenses are purchased with a specific number of activations. Sometimes you'll need to deactivate an old or unused device in order to have the available license to register a new device. Here's how to do it.

IMPORTANT: Do not delete the app. You could lose data this way.

Start by tapping the File Browser.

At the bottom of the window, tap Settings.

Then under the Industry Pro heading, tap Logout Team.

On the pop-up window that appears, confirm Yes.

With Studio Mode deactivated, you'll now be prompted to restart the app. Tap Close app.

When you reopen the app, you'll be in the free version of Scriptation.

NOTE: You'll need to repeat this same process on each iOS device.

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Updated on: 08/02/2021

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