Adding pre-made facing pages with floor plans into your script (PDF)

Using Facing Pages for floor plans, diagrams, or ground plans is an easy way to make notes in a visual way.

This article discusses the import of a PDF diagram.

If you have a diagram in another format, like a photo, image, or screencap, click here.

NOTE: Page Maker is an Industry Pro feature.

With your script file open, tap the File Browser icon on the top left, and select your intended PDF Floor Plan from within your folders and documents.

Now with the PDF Floor Plan open as well, tap the Page Maker icon of the PDF Floor Plan.

Tap Edit.

Then Select

Then Check The Box of the page you'd like to insert into your script, and tap Copy.

Now, go back to the Script, and tap on the Page Maker.

Tap Edit

Then Paste

Ta-da! The Floor Plan has now been inserted before the first page.

Want a diagram between every page?

Tap Page as many times as you need, then Tap + Drag each page wherever you'd like!

When you're all done, tap Save.

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