Learn to Copy and Paste pages

TIP: Copy and Paste Pages was redesigned in Scriptation version 4.0.17. Need to update? Click here.

With the Copy and Paste Pages feature, you can easily duplicate any pages within a single file or across multiple tabs.

NOTE: Page Maker is an Industry Pro feature.

Let's start by opening the Page Maker.

Tap Edit.

Tap Select.

Tap all the pages you want to copy, which will be denoted by a black checkmark, and then tap Copy.

After tapping the Paste icon, you have options to Paste at the beginning of your document, Paste After Page, or Paste as Facing Pages. Should you need to make further adjustments, tap + drag any page to move its placement.

TIP: Make a mistake? Tap Undo on the top toolbar.

When you're all done, tap Save.

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