Adding and moving pages with the Page Maker.

The Page Maker allows for total flexibility to add custom pages anywhere within your script, as well as move Inserted pages around with a simple tap and drag.

NOTE: Native pages (official script pages, in their imported order) are not designed to be moved. Having the ability to rearrange the script would adversely affect the algorithm that powers Note Transfer.

To Add or Move pages, start by opening the Page Maker.

Tap Edit to display additional options.

Tap the Add icon to display the style options for your new page(s).

Once you've made your style selections, tap Add to insert the page(s).

The page(s) will automatically be inserted at the beginning of your PDF.

To move the inserted page, just tap and hold on the page you'd like to move, and drag it to the desired location.

NOTE: Page Maker is an Industry Pro feature.

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