Using a Photo, Image or Screencap to create custom Facing Pages

Using Facing Pages for floor plans, diagrams, or ground plans is an easy way to make notes in a visual way.

This article discusses the import of diagrams that are a Photo, Image, or Screencap. If your diagram is a PDF, click here.

NOTE: Page Maker is an Industry Pro feature.

With your script file open, tap the Page Maker icon on the top right.

Tap Edit.

Tap Add, and select the Photo icon from the dropdown menu.

If you tap Camera, take a photo! Then click Use Photo on the bottom right of your screen.

If you tap Photo Library, navigate to your image within your own storage, and tap to select an image.

Whichever option you selected, you now have the ability to scale or crop your image. When it's all set, tap Done.

Automatically you'll be back at the Add Page dropdown, and can adjust the Number of Pages as well as other features.

When you've made your selections, tap Add.

Ta-da! The Floor Plan has now been inserted (as many times as selected) before the first page.

Now all you need to do is Tap + Drag each page wherever you'd like!

When you're all done, tap Save.

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